Library Code of Conduct

We ask for your participation in helping us maintain a positive environment to ensure that every library user has a worthwhile experience using the library facilities, resources, and services.

Library User Responsibilities

  • Help us to maintain an atmosphere where all users can successfully utilize our resources; please refrain from disruptive behavior in all parts of the Library.
  • Silence should be maintained in “Silent Zones” (Library lower level).
  • Use the main (2nd) floor to study and work together. If you need to move furniture for group study, please ask Library staff for assistance.
  • Cellphones should be placed on vibrate or silent mode. All cell phone calls should be kept to a minimum. Please keep your conversations short and your voice low. Conversations on cell phones are not allowed on the lower level. Texting is encouraged.
  • Make sure that all computers and personal devices cannot be heard by others. Please use headphones. In study rooms, devices should not be heard outside of your room.
  • Respect library property and space. Refrain from activities that put others, yourself or anyone’s personal property in danger.
  • Solicitation and selling are not allowed in the Library. Seek permission of Library administration to display or distribute notices.
  • Bring only covered beverage containers into the library. All food is restricted to the coffee bar.
  • Gambling is not allowed in the library.
  • Keep personal items secure at all times. The Library cannot be responsible for lost or stolen items. Belongings found unattended may be moved to the Circulation Desk by Library staff.
  • Juveniles under 13 years of age must be under the direct supervision of an adult guardian while using computers or information technology provided on campus facilities. Access to internet content is not restricted or filtered. Adult guardians shall monitor the content viewed by juveniles using information technology available on campus. Juveniles 13 years or older who are not registered in a college sanctioned program, class, or other event or using the college library may not loiter or gather within any campus facility. Loitering or gathering within student services areas shall not be permitted. Violations of this policy will be referred to the Moraine Valley Police Department. Damage or criminal actions by unsupervised minors will result in parental liability action by the college. (Board Policy 6533.2)

Please follow all rules and regulations of Moraine Valley Community College and the Library. Any person who fails to abide by the Library Code of Conduct may be asked to leave the facility. Library staff may seek the assistance of the Moraine Valley Police Department and/or the Code of Conduct Office. Access to library facilities may be limited or restricted for a period of time if the responsibilities in this code are ignored by any visitor.

The Library Code of Conduct supplements, but does not replace the College’s Code of Student Conduct.

Library Pledge

  • Assist and support your academic success and personal growth
  • Provide access and support the use of information resources and technology that meet the research, individualized learning, and instructional need of our users
  • Provide a safe, well maintained, and properly-functioning environment that meets the standard for academic and professional work and research
  • Respect each patron’s right to privacy and confidentiality and treat library users with respect and understanding


Moraine Valley Community College, 9000 W. College Pkwy., Palos Hills, IL. 60465, Building L. (708) 974-4300