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Information posted to these blogs is intended for academic purposes and does not represent the opinion or endorsement of Moraine Valley.  The information offered here has been posted by library faculty members with all efforts to be accurate and to fulfill our mission to efficiently provide instruction and information resources to students, staff and faculty of Moraine Valley. 


All MVCC Library Feeds 

This link takes you to a single stream of content from all of the library blogs (news, search tips, blog development, and Green Today) and all of the library podcasts (Library Events, and Check It Out).  Instead of subscribing to all 6 feeds, you can subscribe to one single feed.

Library Construction Blog 

This is a blog that is no longer active that documented the library's 2004 remodeling process.  It contains fun photos of the progress as walls were removed, ceilings were taken down, and new all kinds of destruction and rebuilding was undertaken.

Blog Development 

For a limited audience. This blog chronicles the blog-building experiences.

What's a blog?

The aptly named article "What's a Blog?" published by the The Nonprofit Quarterly, summarizes it nicely: "An abbreviation of 'weblog,' blogs are Web sites that take the form of online journals, frequently updated with running commentary on any number of topics. Blogs are basically another automated way to share information, related to search engines, listservs, message boards and instant messaging. By streamlining and simplifying the Web page creation process, blogs have enabled users to easily transform information into a stream of constantly updated, interlinked 'microcontent.'"

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