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Copyright Information for Faculty and Staff

For help with information on copyright issues contact Lee Semmerling in the library. 

The following self-help resource links on this page are meant to provide information on analysis of typical copyright issues facing faculty and staff. It is not legal advice nor a substitute for legal counsel.

MVCC Policy and Guidelines

General resources about copyright

A typical copyright use analysis has several steps to consider in the following order:

Note: Even if a work is not protected by copyright, it may be protected by other laws or agreements.

Would my use violate an exclusive right?

Exclusive rights:

Linking: Linking to a web page is generally not considered a violation of copyright owners exclusive rights, but there are exceptions:

Is my use an exception that is allowed?

Can I get permission?

If you are looking for ebooks, articles, videos, and images that are (mostly) free to use, visit our Free eBooks, Images, Music and Video Research Guide.