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MVCC Online Catalog

Enter your search word or words in the search window of the online catalog. Use U. S. Politics and Government or American Presidency as search terms to begin. Here is a quick link to the online catalog search window. Notice the ebook opportunities. The MV Connect user name and password are needed to check these out.

MVCC Online Databases

For current information, use the online databases to find newspaper articles and magazine or journal articles. You will need to insert your MV Connect user name and password when asked if you are trying to get to the databases off campus. Click here to get to the databases quickly.

Political Parties 

These were on the last national ballot.





Candidates’ Websites 

Open a search engine and type in the candidate’s name. Look especially for the candidate’s own website. The web address (URL) should give you the information. Most of these will be .com. For example, Governor Bruce Rauner's website is

National and International News Outlets

Go to a web browser and type in the company and the word news. You may wish to bookmark your favorite to have easy access to it. Some websites such as CNN and Reuters are news sources and do not need the word news. Here is an alphabetical list of some news sources: 

ABC, BBC (United Kingdom), CCTV (China), CBS, CNN, FOX, NBC, PBS, Reuters, and Russian News in English (


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For Federal Workers Overseas and Armed Services Personnel  

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