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Technology on Reserve 

The MVCC Library has a variety of technology available for checkout at the Circulation Desk, near the library entrance. Circulating technology items, including laptops, equipment, and accessories, are available to MVCC students who have a current, valid Moraine Valley ID card. For some items, a Loan Agreement form must be completed for each device checkout. 

Check availability of laptops, equipment and other items here.

Video Recording and Image Capture


The Library’s Canon Vixia camcorders offer a way to record high definition video when your phone isn’t the right fit. Included in the kit is a 32GB memory card, a USB cable, and a wireless lavalier microphone to improve audio quality. 

Use with: Tripod, Mobile Media Lab


MVCC students can check out the library’s GoPro Hero, a hands-free camera capable of capturing high-quality action videos and images. The kit includes a USB cable, 32GB microSD card, waterproof casing, mounts, and other GoPro accessories (see the catalog listing for a complete inventory).

Use with: Mobile Media Lab

iPod Touch

Our 16GB iPod allows you to capture the type of high quality videos, photos, and audio you need for your podcasting or video creation assignments without using up space on your device. A USB cable and charger are included. 

Use with: Tripods, Smartphone holder, Mobile Media Lab

Digital Camera

The Olympus Tough TG-5 digital camera can be used to capture high-quality images and videos. The camera comes with a 64GB memory card, an adapter, instructions, and a protective case.

Use with: Tripod, Mobile Media Lab


The Logitec C 270 webcam will allow you to get connected to our desktop and laptop computers to facilitate video calls, conference calls, and recording voice overs for class presentations.

Use with: Laptops

Audio Recording

Podcast Kit 

Often used by students and staff to record audio for podcasts or other multimedia projects, the podcasting kits offer users a way to capture high-quality audio recordings.  The kit contains:

  • One (1) portable, high-end digital recorder (H6 Handy Recorder)
  • Two (2) integrated mic options (X/Y and MS)
  • Four (4) external, professional-grade microphones 
  • Four (4) short mic-stands
  • One (1) pair of noise-cancelling headphones
  • Power and connection cables

Users can upload the resulting audio file (MP3 or WAV) to a computer for editing and/or to save it to a USB flash drive or in the cloud for editing.  

Use with: Mobile Media Lab, Flash Drive

Podcast Kit 

For those who do not need a full podcast kit with four microphones, the three hour podcast kit provides the flexibility to check out the high-quality H6 Handy Recorder and microphones separately. 

Microphone Recording Kit--Part A (Podcast Kit, 3 Hour) 

This partial kit includes the H6 Handy Recorder, noise cancelling headphones, and instructions for setup and use.

Use with: Microphone Recording Kit--Part B, Mobile Media Lab

Microphone Recording Kit--Part B (Podcast Kit, 3 Hour)

Check out the number of microphones you need for your audio recording project. Each kit includes one microphone, a microphone stand, and a connection cable. Instructions are included in the Microphone Recording Kit--Part A.

Use with: Microphone Recording Kit--Part A, Mobile Media Lab

Wireless Mobile Device Microphone

The wireless mobile device microphone can improve the quality of audio recordings made on smartphones and tablets. The wireless mobile device microphones include a receiver that connects to the mobile device, a lavalier microphone, a handheld microphone, and a selection of cables for Apple, Android, and other devices. 

Use with: Tripods, iPod Touch

Wired Mobile Device Microphone (with stand)

Create high-quality audio recordings with your smartphone or mobile device and the iRig Handheld Microphone. The kit includes the wired handheld microphone, a tabletop stand with mic clip, and an iPhone lightning to headphone adapter. 

Use with: Camcorder, iPod Touch, Mobile Media Lab

Lavalier Microphone for Mobile Device

Create high-quality audio recordings on your smartphone or mobile device with these lightweight Lavalier microphones. The kit includes the smartLav+ microphone, lapel clip, lightning adapter, and a multi-microphone adapter. Check out multiple kits and use the multi-microphone adapter to record with multiple microphones. 

Use with: iPod Touch, Mobile Media Lab

iPod Touch

Our 16GB iPod allows you to capture the type of high quality videos, photos, and audio you need for your podcasting or video creation assignments without using space on your device. A usb cord and charger are included. 

Use with: Tripods, Smartphone holder, Mobile Media Lab

Headset with Microphone 

The Logitech USB Headset H570e is a great option for making web or conference calls, with an adjustable headset and microphone. The headset has a USB connection and is compatible with PCs and Macs--but requires Windows 7 or higher and Mac OS X 10.6 or higher. 

Use with: Laptops


Every laptop is equipped with the Microsoft Office Suite, web browsers, and standard operating system specific applications.

Laptops available for checkout will be reimaged periodically, which will wipe all nonessential data. Students should know that saving their data to library laptops is not a reliable mode of storage, and the library makes no guarantee that it will be retained. Students save their data on library laptops at their own risk. Students requiring assistance transferring their data off of a laptop should contact the Reference/Information desk in person or at: (708) 974-5234.

Mobile Media Labs 

Mobile Media Labs are on reserve for MVCC students and include a Dell laptop loaded with media editing software. Each Mobile Media Lab is equipped with Camtasia for video editing, Audacity for audio editing. In addition to the laptop, the Mobile Media Lab includes a power cord, webcam, tripod, microphone, microphone stand, and instructions on how to set up and use the equipment.  

Use with: Camcorder, GoPro, Digital Camera, iPod Touch, Podcast Kit, Flash Drive

Mobile Wi-fi

Mobile Wi-fi Hotspot 

The Mobile Wi-Fi hotspot allows you to have wireless high-speed internet service anywhere you may go. The network name and password can be found on the back of each wifi hotspot. The hotspot kit includes the device, one USB charger with cable, and instructions.

Use with: Laptops


Standing Tripod

MVCC students can check out standing tripod to use with still cameras, video cameras, and smartphones (check out a smartphone mount to use it with a smartphone).  The telescoping legs and the crank on the center column can raise the camera to a maximum height of 58.5”.  A carrying case is included for easy transportation. 

Use with: Smartphone Mount, Camcorder, Digital Camera, iPod Touch

Smartphone Mount

Pair the smartphone mount with a tripod to use your device to capture high quality video, images, or audio. The mount will accommodate devices with a width of up to 3.5”.

Use with: Tripod, iPod Touch

Tabletop Tripod

The tabletop tripod, designed specifically for smartphones, is compact, flexible, and lightweight and is perfect for capturing quality videos and sound recordings without bulky equipment. The bendable legs are 5 inches in height and the smartphone holder adjusts to different screen sizes.

Use with: iPod Touch

Flash Drives

The library has 32 GB flash drives available for saving or transferring documents, photos, and audio/video files. Remember to erase the flash drive before you return it. 

Use with: Laptops, Mobile Media Lab

Software Resources


Camtasia is available on every computer in the Multimedia Lab and on Mobile Media Labs.

For detailed instructions on creating videos in Camtasia, see the Camtasia Instruction Guide.


Audacity is available on every computer in the library and on Mobile Media Labs.

For detailed instructions on editing audio in Audacity  see the Audacity Instruction Guide.