Voices from the Valley

Our Vision is to create a space for authentic discovery of social justice conversations on topics related to equity, inclusion, and diversity, with a goal of evolving our relationships with each other and the world!  

Chapter 1: Muslim Student Association (MSA)

Episode 1 - What Islam means to me

Description: The MSA  during one of their club meetings discusses what it means to them to be Muslim. The students also share some positive highlights from their week.

Episode 2 - Class, Culture, Clothing, and Stereotype


PART ONE: The MSA discuss issues related to class, culture, and clothing. This episode is compiled from two conversations recorded about a month apart.

PART TWO: The MSA share insights the stereotypes they encounter and how they respond. This episode is compiled from two conversations recorded about a month apart.

Episode 3 - Coming Soon

Episode 4 - Message, Music, and Mosaics


PART ONE: The MSA talk about their dedication and diligence to  Community Service and Charitable Fundraising.  This episode is compiled from two conversations recorded about a month apart.

PART TWO: We learn about the MSA's participation in MVCC Mosaics Grant (Muslim Voices in America) during the March 2018 Artist Residence Week. Performance clips are included.  The student group also share their thoughts about participating in the inaugural season of MVCCPOV. This episode is compiled from two conversations recorded about a month apart.

Chapter 2: Arab Student Union (ASU)

Episode 1 - The Arab Student Union Un-Filtered and Un-Cut

Description: ASU allowed MVCCPOV to record a self-directed discussion focused on their Arab and Muslim experiences on topics ranging from Arab stigmas, stereotypes, and gender roles to religion versus culture to the differences between Arab identity in the US and in the Middle East.  This episode is divided into four uncut parts.

Episode 2 - Scholarship Awards Night Conversations

Description: ASU talk about their 5th annual scholarship event. As they  sets-up for their evening festivities, we interview current students and alumni to ask them about the history behind the scholarship and how the ASU has evolved over the years.

Chapter 3 - Mosaics: Muslim Voices in America

Episode 1 - A MVCC Leader’s point-of-view an Interview with Tommy Hensel

Description: Tommy Hensel is the Managing Director of MVCC Fine and Performing Arts Center.  He also provides leadership for MVCC’s Mosaics: Muslim Voices in America two-year research initiative.  In this episode Tommy discusses the Mosaic’s (March) 2018 Artist Residency Week as well as the bigger vision of the project.

Episode 2 - Just about Creativity an Interview with Aja Black

Description: Aja Black is one half of the husband/wife performing group The Reminders. Aja is also an accomplished writer and creative writing instructor.  After delivering a writing workshop during the Mosaics Grant’s Artist Residency Week, Aja provides dynamic insights on the topic of creativity.

Episode 3 - You are Beautiful! an Interview with Amirah Sackett

Description: Amirah Sackett  is an internationally recognized hip-hop dancer, choreographer, teacher, and activist.  MVCCPOV caught up with Amirah after delivering a hip-hop dance workshop during the Mosaics Grant’s Artist Residency Week.

Episode 4 - Syn-Syrianly Yours an Interview with Omar Offendum

Description: Omar Offendum is a Syrian-American rapper, poet, and socially-conscious intellectual known for his unique blend of hip-hop and an Arabic poetry.  MVCCPOV spoke with Omar after presenting a self-expression workshop during the Mosaics Grant’s Artist Residency Week.

Chapter 4: MVCC Faculty & Administration

Episode 1 - Vision, Service, and Leadership an Interview with Dr. Nina Shoman Dajani and Sundus Madi-McCarthy 

Description: Dr. Tony Dunbar and librarian Tish Hayes sit down with Sundus Madi McCarthy advisor for the MSA and Dr. Nina Shoman Dajani advisor for the ASU to discuss their roles as advisors, mentors, and advocates for the students in their clubs, as well as the work the student clubs do to make change on campus and in their communities.

Episode 2 - Wise, Woke, and she WRaps an Interview with Dr. Amani Wazwaz

Description: Dr. Amani Wazwaz is Professor of Communication and Literature at MVCC and also a committee member for MVCC’s Mosaics: Muslim Voices in America research initiative. Professor Wazwaz discusses culture, history, and identity along with a chat about her live rap performance during the Mosaics March 2018 open mic event.