MVCC Library Podcast

Volume 14 Number 25

Before I was Your Teacher: My Life Overseas

Date: November 22, 2019              
Length: 52 minutes

Intensive English Language faculty members talk about the time they spent teaching English outside of the United States. They talk about their time in Saipan, Yemen, and Mexico. This event is part of International Education Week. 

Volume 14 Number 24

24 Hours of Reality: A Climate Conversation

Date: November 21, 2019              
Length: 73 minutes

As part of a global event, “24 Hours of Reality” Moraine Valley Community College is presenting a panel discussion on the global climate challenges we face, and how we can begin to solve them.  Listen and learn about the science and the psychology behind this current climate reality.

Volume 14 Number 23

Take Me Out to the Ball Game: A Short History of Baseball and its Fans in America and Around the World

Date: November 20, 2019             
Length: 40 minutes

From its simple 19th century roots, baseball by the 20th century became a globally popular sport captivating millions.  Associate Professor of History Josh Fulton provides a short introduction to the game, it’s history, and the culture surrounding it.  From Abner Doubleday to Satchel Paige, from cross town rivalries to concession foods, this history of the game looks at how it reflected and challenged both American and global culture. 

Volume 14 Number 22

Deconstructing Home: The Journey that Challenged a Hometown Identity

Date: November 6, 2019            
Length: 18 minutes

Kipp Cozad grew up in Liberty, Missouri, a town with an infamous past connected to Bleeding Kansas and Jesse James. One piece of history that Kipp did not recognize was his home town's history of institutional segregation. After joining the Peace Corps and serving in Yemen, the illusions around his hometown were shattered. His perspectives on "normal" had changed. In this talk, Kipp will explore how travel and living in a new culture forced him to see both his hometown and the world differently.

Volume 14 Number 21

Reflections on Fire: The Symbolic, Sacred & Destructive 

Date: November 6, 2019            
Length: 17 minutes

A symbol in spiritual beliefs across the world, fire gives light and warmth, it transforms, and it destroys. It is at the center of celebrations and sacraments, but it has also been utilized as a tool of fear and destruction, as in the burning of books. In this talk, Dr. Randy P. Conner asks us to reflect on the significance of fire as he discusses its history and how it has played a role in his own life.

Volume 14 Number 20

The Physical Implications of Critical Infrastructure Cyberattack featuring Dr. William F. Rush

Date: October 29, 2019           
Length: 50 minutes

In this talk, Dr. Rush outlines how cyber attacks against critical infrastructure can impact the supply of gas, water, and electric grids. Cyber-attacks are usually thought of as directed against information, such as compromise of passwords, access to financial information, or theft of information. The focus of this talk is on the need to increase the level of protection on critical infrastructure. The issue is viewed from the attacker’s point of view and outlines the physical impacts of a successful attack. This event is part of our STEM lecture series. 

Volume 14 Number 19

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning: Realities & Possibilities 

Date: October 24, 2019          
Length: 72 minutes

There’s a great deal of hype around intelligent systems that identify patterns in data and make decisions. This faculty panel discussion seeks cut through the hype with the goal of helping us understand the current state of machine learning and how this technology will shape the future.This event is part of our One Book program on I, Robot by Isaac Asimov.

Volume 14 Number 18

The Road to 50,000: Surviving NaNoWriMo

Date: October 23, 2019         
Length: 49 minutes

National Novel Writing Month is almost here! How are you going to survive? Now is the time to make plans, buy food, and get ready. 

Volume 14 Number 17

The 1919 Chicago Race Riot: A talk by Dr. Eric Allen Hall

Date: October 23, 2019        
Length: 49 minutes

In the summer of 1919, the South Side of Chicago erupted in racial violence following the death of Eugene Williams, an African-American youth who had mistakenly drifted into the “white” section of Lake Michigan’s 29th Street Beach. By the time the fires were extinguished a week later, thirty-eight people had been killed and thousands more had seen their homes destroyed. It would be the worst of over twenty race riots that plagued the United States during what came to be known as “Red Summer.” Dr. Eric Allen hall Associate Professor of History at Norther Illinois University will examine the causes, events, and legacy of the 1919 Chicago Race Riot through the experiences of those who witnessed the violence.

Volume 14 Number 16

Avicenna: The Often Forgotten Philosopher

Date: October 22, 2019        
Length: 34 minutes

In this lecture, Professor of Communications and Literature, Dr. Amani Wazwaz discusses the life and contributions of the physician and scholar Avicenna (Ibn Sina). She explains his contributions to Philosophy and his influences on European Philosophers such as St. Thomas Aquinas. This presentation continues the lecture series begun by MOSAICS Building Bridges Program.

Volume 14 Number 15

Evaluating the Primary and Caucus System

Date: October 17, 2019                      
Length: 64 minutes

Political Science Professor Dr. Deron Schreck will examine the unique process in the U.S. of nominating presidential candidates. The United States will begin the 2020 nomination process starting with the Iowa Caucus on February 3rd 2020. This event will examine primaries, caucuses, delegates, superdelegates, and answer questions you may have about the 2020 Election.  

Volume 14 Number 14

Author José Ángel N. in Discussion with MVCC Students

Date: October 9, 2019                     
Length: 49 minutes

Celebrated author José Ángel N. joined MVCC Social Psychology students for a discusson on his life and his writing. Students from Amy Williamson's pscyhology class prepared questions as part of their course. 

Volume 14 Number 13

MVCC:POV Release Discussion

Date: October 15, 2019                    
Length: 43 minutes

Join us to celebrate the release of season two of MVCC:POV Voices from the Valley featuring guests the GASP Club (season two), Muslim Student Association (season one), and Arab Student Union (season one). We'll be chatting with students and advisers about their experiences participating in the podcast.

Volume 14 Number 12

Particle Accelerators: Probing the Universe with the World's Highest Energy Collisions

Date: October 15, 2019                   
Length: 57 minutes

The universe we live in is approximately 14 billion years old and has undergone many phases of transformation. The exact laws of its structure and formation remain largely unknown to us. One way to understand them is to re-create the conditions of the early universe when the matter was very dense and hot. This can be achieved in our days using high energy particle accelerators and colliders. In this talk Special guest Dr. Sergo Jindariani, PhD, coordinator of the Large Hadron Collider Phyics Center, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory presents big questions particle physicists are facing today and explain how we try to address them  using the data from accelerators, such as the Tevatron at Fermilab and the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. This talk is part of the STEM Lecture Series. 

Volume 14 Number 11

Fired Up About Getting Fired: Workplace Discrimination Against the LGBTQ+ Community

Date: October 7, 2019                  
Length: 37 minutes

The U.S. Supreme Court will begin hearing oral arguments regarding the legality of workplace discrimination against people who identify as LGBTQ+. Join sociology professor Jeffrey McCully as they explore the history of workplace discrimination targeting the LGBTQ+ community and legislative attempts to end it.  Sponsored by Celebrating Diversity Committee, ¡GASP! club, and Democracy Commitment.

Volume 14 Number 10

How It Works: Introduction to NaNoWriMo 2019

Date: October 2, 2019                 
Length: 37 minutes

Be a part of the world’s largest writing community this November during the 21st annual National Novel Writing Month.  During November, nearly a half a million participants around the globe work to meet their writing goals. Many of these writers have gone on to publish their work! Moraine Valley is now an official “Come Write In” location for the event, which means you can use our campus as a base for completing your writing. But since part of the NaNoWriMo experience is connecting with other writers, Moraine Valley is here to help!

Volume 14 Number 09

Westworld: Robots, Entertainment, Power & Desire

Date: September 25, 2019                
Length: 55 minutes

Faculty members from different areas of study will discuss HBO’s hit show Westworld. They will consider this show as a commentary on our relationship with technology, the ways we engage in entertainment, and the power dynamics underlying modern life. This event is part of our One Book program on I, Robot by Isaac Asimov and a part of the Library’s Graphic Novel Symposium. 

Volume 14 Number 08

So We're Playing Video Games Today: The Importance of Teaching With All Literacies 

Date: September 25, 2019               
Length: 55 minutes

Please join this panel of educators and school administrators from the Lit-X collective as they discuss the importance of teaching with all literacies including video games, comics, music, and film.  And while this session will focus primarily on use in the middle school and secondary classroom, lesson planning ideas will span all grades. This event is part of the Library’s Graphic Novel Symposium. 

Volume 14 Number 07

After Watchmen: Interpreting and Misinterpreting a Superhero Comic

Date: September 25, 2019              
Length: 48 minutes

Allen Moore’s epic graphic novel, The Watchmen, is often credited for transforming how we see superhero stories. The heroes we see at the movies, on Netflix, or in modern comics can be traced back to the Watchmen in the 1980s. In this talk, fine arts faculty member, Erik LaGattuta, explores the significance as well as the artistic storytelling behind The Watchmen. This event is part of the Library’s Graphic Novel Symposium. 

Volume 14 Number 06

How AI is Changing the Healthcare Landscape and What's Coming Next 

Date: September 17, 2019             
Length: 1 hour 13 minutes

Machine learning and high-powered data processing has the potential to transform medicine and healthcare. How will you make healthcare decisions in the future? How will treatments evolve thanks to data? In this talk, A.I. expert David Ducat will talk about the actual work in healthcare-related, machine learning based on what he is seeing in the field. This event is part of our One Book program on I, Robot by Isaac Asimov. 

Volume 14 Number 05

Inequality, Automation, Algorithms, and Technology: A Faculty Panel 

Date: September 11, 2019            
Length: 39 minutes

What is an algorithm and how are algorithms applied to our lives? What assumptions are built into algorithms and our technology infrastructure? Does technology combat inequality or make it worse? Faculty members will discuss these questions and more. This event is part of our One Book program on I, Robot by Isaac Asimov. Visit

Volume 14 Number 04

Voyages in Computer Engineering Featuring Machine Learning

Date: September 10, 2019           
Length: 39 minutes

Do you know how the technology in your pocket works? What are the systems and architectures behind it? In this talk, Jim VanDeCasteele will talk about computer engineering and the move toward automation and machine learning. He will share his journey through computer engineering and offer tips about learning and being successful.  This discussion is a part of the 2019-2020 One Book program and the STEM lecture series. Visit

Volume 14 Number 03

Real Robots & Real Science: STEM Opportunities for Students On Campus

Date: July 11, 2019          
Length: 16 minutes

Paula DeAnda-Shar and Rob Schwein join Tish and Troy for a discussion related to the One Book program on I, Robot by Isaac Asimov. This discussion is a preview for the 2019-2020 One Book program. Visit

Volume 14 Number 02

Technology, Artificial Intelligence & Psychology: One Book on I, Robot

Date: June 20, 2019         
Length: 16 minutes

Psychology faculty members Amy Williamson and Laura Lauzen-Collins join Tish and Troy for a discussion related to the One Book program on I, Robot by Isaac Asimov. This discussion is a preview for the 2019-2020 One Book program. Visit

Volume 14 Number 01

I, Robot, Frankenstein & the 2019-2020 One Book, One College Program

Date: June 6, 2019        
Length: 28 minutes

Faculty members Amani Wazwaz and Carey Millsap-Spears join librarians Tish Hayes and Troy Swanson to talk about Isaac Asimov's I, Robot which is the text for the 2019-2020 One Book program. They offer highlights from the book and discuss other texts that connect with this book such as Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. Learn more about the upcoming program at https://onebook.morainevalley....